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A Ayyappan Hits -A. Ayyappan (27 October 1949 – 21 October 2010) was a Malayalam poet in the modernist period. Born in a wealthy Viswakarma (goldsmith) family, in Nemom, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, he became a non-conformist member of reading Malayali families. He had a very tragic childhood. His father, Arumukham, died when he was only one year old, perhaps due to poison. He lost his mother, Muthammal, when he was 15. Ayyappan was supported by his sister Subbalakshmi and his brother-in-law V. Krishnan.. . .Wikipedia
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Alila... [Edappal Viswam], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Bhashayum Athmahathyayude Theeyathiyum... [Shijil], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Ente Savappetti Chumakkunnavarodu... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Ayyappante Kavithakal.
Greeshmavum Kanneerum... [Sindhu Govind], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Introduction... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Jail Muttathe Pookkal... [Gittu Joy], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Mazha... [Easwaran Namboothiri], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Santham... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Ayyappante Kavithakal.
Venal Mazha... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Venal Mazha... [Selin Shoji], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.