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Kavya Madhavan Hits -Kavya Madhavan (born 19 September 1984) is an Indian film actress, who appears predominantly in Malayalam films while having appeared in a few Tamil productions. She made her debut in 1991 as a child artist in Pookkalam Varavayi. Her debut role as a lead actress was in Lal Jose's Chandranudikkunna Dikhil in 1999, when she was in the ninth grade. Its success established her status as a leading actress in the industry during the 2000s. She has won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress twice, for her performances in Perumazhakkalam (2004) and Gaddama (2010).. . .Wikipedia
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Chanchakkam Aadunna... [Rimi Tomy], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
En Khalbil Ulloru Pennanu... [Vidhu Prathap], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
Enne Arinjuvo Krishna... [Chithra], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
Erinjente Ullil Nee... [Jyotsna], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
Mazha Mazha Nilamazha... [Sachin Suresh], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
Melle Melle Onnu Vayo... [Swetha], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
Oru Pon Veenayayi... [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.
Parayathe Pande... [Sujatha], [Kavya Madhavan] -Album:Kavya Dalangal.