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Sugathakumari Hits -Sugathakumari (born 22 January 1934) is an Indian poet and activist, who has been at the forefront of environmental and feminist movements in Kerala, South India. Her parents were the poet and freedom fighter Bodheswaran and V. K. Karthiyayini, a Sanskrit scholar. She is influenced by her poet father's social activism and nationalistic fervour. She is the founder secretary of the Prakrithi Samrakshana Samithi, an organisation for the protection of nature and of Abhaya, a home for destitute women and a day-care centre for the mentally ill. She was the former chairperson of the Kerala State Women's Commission. She played a big role in the Save Silent Valley protest. Sugathakumari has won numerous awards and recognitions including Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award (1968), Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award (1978), Odakkuzhal Award (1982), Vayalar Award (1984), Indira Priyadarshini Vriksha Mitra Award (1986), Asan Prize (1991), Vallathol Award (2003), Kerala Sahithya Akademi Fellowship (2004), Ezhuth. . .Wikipedia
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Anuragikalkkayi... [Jayalakshmi G], [Sugathakumari].
Gajendra Moksham... , [Sugathakumari] -Album:Unknown.
Jeevithame Nanni... [Venugopal], [Sugathakumari], [Jaison J Nair] -Album:Kavyageethikal.
Krishna Neeyenne Ariyille... [Venugopal], [Sugathakumari], [Jaison J Nair] -Album:Kavyageethikal Vol 2.
Orupattu Pinnayum...[VT Murali], [Sugathakumari]-Album: Orrupattu Pinneyum.
Penkunju 90... , [Sugathakumari] -Album:Unknown.
Rathrimazha... [Sujatha, Gayathri], [Sugathakumari], [Remesh Narayan] -Film:Rathrimazha.
Viriyatha Poo... , [Sugathakumari] -Album:Unknown