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A T Ummar Hits -A. T. Ummer(Anjukandy Thalakal Ummer, Malayalam: എ. റ്റി. ഉമ്മർ) (10 March 1933 – 18 October 2001) was a noted Malayalam music composer from Kerala, India. He is known for composing many soft melodies for Malayalam movies. Born in Anjukandy in Kannur district on 10 March 1933, Ummer made his debut in the 1967 film Thalirukkal. It was director A. Vincent who first recognized his musical talents. In 1969 he got the opportunity to compose songs for the film Almaram, directed by Vincent. Two years later, Vincent made the musical hit Abhijathyam which established A. T. Ummer in the Malayalam film field. In the 1970s, Ummer teamed up with lyricist Bichu Thirumala to compose some outstanding melodies. He has also given tunes to lyrics by other eminent poets and song writers, including P. Bhaskaran and O. N. V. Kurup. In 1976, he won the Kerala State Film Award for the best music director for the I. V. Sasi directed film Aalinganam. The melancholic song "Thushaara bindhukkale" from the same mo. . .Wikipedia
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Aadivaroo Azhake... [Yesudas, Janaki Devi], [Bichu Thirumala], [A T Ummar] -Film:April 18.
Aakasamevide Kandilla... [Yesudas, C O Anto,Saleem], [Balu Kiriyath], [A T Ummar] -Film:Nayakan.
Aalam Padachavane... [Yesudas], [P T Abdurahman], [A T Ummar] -Album:Muslim Devotional Songs.
Aalampadachoru Rabbe... [Yesudas], [Puvachal Kadar], [A T Ummar] -Album:Muslim Devotional Songs.
Aana Koduthalum Kiliye... [Balachandra Menon], [Bichu Thirumala], [A T Ummar] -Film:Oru Painkilikkatha.
Aananda Raagam Ezhuthiya... [Vani Jayaram], [Sathyan Anthikkad], [A T Ummar] -Film:Thadavara.
Aaranya Kandathiloode... [Yesudas], [Bichu Thirumala], [A T Ummar] -Film:Lakshmana Rekha.
Aashante... [C O Anto], [P Bhaskaran], [A T Ummar] -Film:Oru Yugasandhya.
Abhaya Deepame... [Janaki], [Sreekumaran Thampi], [A T Ummar] -Film:Amruthavahini.
Adyasamagama Lajjayil... [Yesudas, Janaki], [Puvachal Kadar], [A T Ummar] -Film:Ulsavamelam.
Agraham Oreyoragraham... [Yesudas, P Suseela], [Puvachal Kadar], [A T Ummar] -Film:Agraham.
Ahadonte... [Yesudas], [Puvachal Kadar], [A T Ummar] -Album:Muslim Devotional Songs.
Akalagalile Athbhuthame... [Yesudas], [Dr. Pavithran], [A T Ummar] -Film:Mannu.
Akkare Ninnoru Pennu Vannu... [Jayachandran], [Sathyan Anthikkad], [A T Ummar] -Film:Kavalmadam.
Alankarachamayathal... [Laila Rasak], [P Bhaskaran], [A T Ummar] -Film:Mayilanchi.
Ambala Vilakkukalananju... [Yesudas], [Mankompu Gopalakrishnan], [A T Ummar] -Film:Snehicha Kuttathinu.
Ambike Jagadambike... [Sujatha], [P Bhaskaran], [A T Ummar] -Album:Chethi Mandaram Thulasi Vol 02.
Ambili Poonilavil Athira Poomizhi... [Yesudas], [Appan Thachethu], [A T Ummar] -Album:Priye Pranayini.
Ammakkoru Ponnumkudam... [Sujatha], [Puvachal Kadar], [A T Ummar] -Film:Ulsavamelam.
Amme Narayana (Slokam)... [Yesudas], [Puvachal Kadar], [A T Ummar] -Film:Sree Ayyappanum Vavarum.