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Bharathan Hits -Bharathan (14 November 1946 – 30 July 1998) was an Indian film director, artist, and art director. Bharathan is noted for being the founder of a new school of film making in Malayalam cinema, along with Padmarajan and K. G. George, in the 1980s, which created films that were widely received while also being critically acclaimed. A train of directors, and screenwriters followed this school onto the 1990s including Sibi Malayil, Kamal, Lohithadas and Jayaraj. He was born at Engakkadu near Wadakkancherry, in present-day Thrissur district of Kerala, India.. . .Wikipedia
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Devadoothar Padi... [Yesudas, Lathika], [ONV Kurup], [Bharathan] -Film:Kathodu Kathoram.
Kannetha Doore Marutheeram... [Yesudas], [Kaithapram], [Bharathan] -Film:Thazhvaram.
Kathodu Kathoram... [Lathika], [ONV Kurup], [Bharathan] -Film:Kathodu Kathoram.
Mounam Ponmani Thamburu... [Vani Jayaram], [Bharathan] -Film:Ormakkay.
Nee En Sarga Sangeethame... [Yesudas], [ONV Kurup], [Bharathan] -Film:Kathodu Kathoram.
Pudamuri Kallyanam Devi... [Chithra], [Bharathan] -Film:Chilambu.
Thalam Maranna... [MG Sreekumar], [Bharathan], [Ouseppachan] -Film:Pranamam.
Thalirilayil Thalamthulli... [Lathika], [Bharathan], [Ouseppachan] -Film:Pranamam.
Tharum Thalirum... [Yesudas, Lathika], [Bharathan], [Ouseppachan] -Film:Chilambu.