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Purandradasar Hits -Purandara Dāsa (Kannada: ಪುರಂದರ ದಾಸ; IAST: purandara dāsa) (1484–1564) was a Haridasa (a devotee of Lord Hari (Vishnu)), a great devotee of Lord Krishna (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and a saint. He was a disciple of the Madhwa philosopher-saint Vyasatirtha, and a contemporary of yet another Haridasa, Kanakadasa. His guru, Vyasatirtha, glorified Purandara Dasa in a song thus: Dāsarendare purandara dāsarayya. He was a composer, singer and one of the chief founding-proponents of South Indian classical music (Carnatic music). In honor of his significant contributions to Carnatic music, he is widely referred to as the Pitamaha (lit. "father" or "grandfather") of Carnatic music. He is respected as an avatara (incarnation) of the great sage Narada (a celestial being who is also a singer). Purandara Dasa was a wealthy merchant of silver and other miscellaneous jewellery from Karnataka, who gave away all his material riches to become a Haridasa, a devotional singer who made the difficult San. . .Wikipedia
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Gaanake Sulabhavo (Ranjini-Adi)... [Maharajapuram Santhanam], [Purandara Dasar] -Album:Carnatic Classicals.
Jagadodharana... [Jayashree Rajeev], [Purandradasar] -Album:Nagumo.
Vijayakashtakam... [Jayashree Rajeev], [Purandradasar] -Album:Nagumo.